Vision Board

A few months ago I read an article by Martha Beck about creating a vision board ….. love her! A vision board holds images that represent your dream life. In time the universe? your subconscious? make the vision a reality. In the spirit of living my life by design I am starting here with a vision board to capture in images the things I dream of for my future.

Luckily, Martha gives some tips on her website on how to create an effective vision board. It is easy; you simply collect images that speak to your soul. I am going to photograph things that represent the things that I intend to grow in my life: work and write from home, plentiful fruit and vegetable gardens, flower gardens, health, vitality, movement (run, walk, hike, yoga, strength), spirituality (meditation, spa, yoga), reading, and a modern and minimal green home.

I am also assembling a vision board on pinterest…. for good measure.

IMG_1219       IMG_1340 IMG_1345 IMG_1352 IMG_1397 IMG_1471 IMG_1483 IMG_1491 IMG_1507 IMG_1509 IMG_1516 IMG_1519 IMG_1575IMG_20130616_192102

IMG_1582 IMG_1585


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